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St Hilaire de Riez

St Hilaire de Riez is situated in the Vendee region of West France. The commune incorporates a long strip of coastline that includes beautiful sandy beaches, as well as coves, cliffs and rocks pools. During July and August the region welcomes thousands of tourists, who make their way to the many campsites that have been set up to cater for families seeking sun, sand and fun.


The area has many facilities for tourism. These include aqua-parks, sailing schools (both on the sea and on an inland lake), cycle tracks, walking trails and a variety of restaurants.

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La Bourrine du Bois Juquaud


This building and the surrounding farm is now part of a heritage museum, but was once the home of Armadine Gandemer and her family. Armadine died in 1970 as a very old lady. Her home is one of last traditional marshland homes of the region.

Sea Salt Pans


The flat marshes along the coast were ideal for the production of salt. The sea is allowed to flood these man-made pans and then as the hot sun evaporates the water, the salt is collected. This is a traditional industry that goes back many hundreds of years.