Coleford Twinning Association

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Photographs of various twinning events.

St Hilaire Aug 16 (16) (1024x749) Coleford falg presentation (1024x524) July visit at Clock tower (628x1024)

Paul Kay, Mayor of Coleford presents Laurent Boudelier, Mayor of St Hilaire, with a flag of Coleford.

Every year St Hilaire puts on a three day free arts festival. These white horses were one of the spectacular acts that was put on during one evening. These inflated horses scultures were carried around the crowd, before performing to music on one of the four stages at the event venue. They were spectacular and very unusual.

In July 2016 three of the St Hilaire twinning committee visited Coleford, where they had the opportunity to see the wonderful Forest of Dean and enjoy a local music festival.

Group at Arts evening

The Coleford group that visited St Hilaire in Aug 2016. Iain Baird and Patrick Tillet standing. Jane Baird in chair, alongside Michele Kay. Nick Penny and Paul Kay seated on floor at the front.