Coleford Twinning Association

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The Association Committee


The Twinning Association Management Committee currently consists of ten members.

There is a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer


Iain Baird, Chair, at:

Iain is a Coleford Town Councillor. Iain taught at Dene Magna School for 25 years before leaving to establish a global education consultancy called World Class Citizens Ltd. Iain has been engaged in international school linking and global education for the past 20 years. He was one of the founders of the UK Kenya Student Exchange Project called Tujuane, that involves Lakers School students and staff. He has organised and led teacher and student group visits to France, Kenya and Japan. Iain's family twinned with a French family over 15 years ago through the Lydney Twinning Association and he is keen to offer a similar opportunity for families in and around Coleford.


Deputy Chair, at:

This position is currently vacant


Janette McCutcheon, Secretary , at:

Janette, like Iain's family, hails from Scotland. She volunteers for the Coleford Tourist Information Office, and is Secretary of the Twinning Committee. She is the author of several books on ocean liners and loves collecting and cats!


Nick Penny, Treasurer.

Nick is currently Mayor of Coleford. Nick runs an events planning business based in Coleford.


Other Committee Members:


Stuart Cox. Stuart has lived in Coleford for over 30 years. He was formerly a college lecturer. Interests include archaeology and heritage, walking, gardening and, being a keen Morris dancer, folk traditions and customs. He believes that any links Coleford can make abroad will only benefit both communities and that the opportunities to take part in the twinning should be open to all members of the community.


Steve, Kate and Gemma Parry. The whole Parry family have joined the Committee. That's commitment! Kate runs the weekly French conversation sessions. Gemma is a youth member, who is currently a student at 5 Acres High School.


Paul and Michelle Kay. Paul is the previous Mayor of Coleford and is a Town Councillor. Michelle teaches the violin in local schools.


Julie Melhuish. Julie is an enthusiastic member of the French conversation sessions.



Alternatively you can call in at the Coleford Town Council offices, opposite the Coop supermarket entrance in Coleford.

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