Coleford Twinning Association

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The Association Committee


The Twinning Association Management Committee currently consists of eight members.

There is a Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer.


Paul Kay. Lifetime President and Deputy Chair at [email protected]

Paul is the instigator of the partnership between Coleford and St Hilaire de Riez. Paul and Michele Kay have had a holiday home in St Hilaire de Riez for many years and have formed friendships with local people, including the Mayor of St Hilaire de Riez. Paul was mayor of Coleford for three years and is still a Coleford Town Deputy Mayor.


Iain Baird, Secretary, at: [email protected]

Iain taught at Dene Magna School for 25 years before leaving to establish a global education consultancy called World Class Citizens Ltd. Iain has been engaged in international school linking and global education for the past 25 years. Iain has visited France many times through his work and on family visits and calls himself a Francophile.


Marilyn Cox, Chair , at: [email protected]

Marilyn's roots extend a long way into the soil of the Forest of Dean and is very much a resident of Coelford. However, Marilyn is also a Francophile, especially its wine. She has recently passed an exam that allows her to be officially called a wine expert.


Nick Penny, Treasurer.

Nick is the current Mayor of Coleford. Nick runs an events planning business based in Coleford. Nick has travelled to St Hilaire de Riez many times and works hard to support a variety of organisational partnerships between the two towns.


Other Committee Members:


Stuart Cox. Stuart has lived in Coleford for over 30 years. He was formerly a college lecturer. Interests include archaeology and heritage, walking, gardening and, being a keen Morris dancer, folk traditions and customs. He has entertained a number of French audiences with his Morris dancing exploits.


Steve, Kate and Gemma Parry. The whole Parry family have joined the Committee. That's commitment! Kate runs the weekly French conversation sessions. Gemma is a youth member, who is currently a catering student at he Gloucestershire College in the Forest.


Michelle Kay. Michelle teaches the violin in local schools and is enthusiastic supported of the links between organsiations in the twinned towns.




Alternatively you can call in at the Coleford Town Council offices, opposite the Coop supermarket entrance in Coleford.

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