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Student Visit to Five Acres High School

Five Acres High School welcomed a group of 54 students from their partner school in St Hilaire de Riez on Firsay 16th March. The group from College Pierre Garcie Ferrande, have been staying in South Wales for a week's residential and travelled to the Forest for the day. They visited the Dean Heritage Centre in the morning and then joined Five Acres High students for a fish'n'chips lunch in their school canteen.

After lunch some brave College students stood in front of the theri peers to give a short presentation about their town in English. The Five Acres students also got to watch a video presentation about St Hilaire de Riez that showed the glorious sandy beaches. After a tour of the school the visitors travelled down to Coleford where they met Nick Penny, the town's mayor, for a short tour of the town. They returned to their lodgings having had a very successful visit to the Forest of Dean. The College plan to base future residential trips in the Forest.

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Students from Pierre Garcie Ferrande talking in English to their peers at Five Acres High School

Students from Pierre Garcie Ferrande and Five Acres High try out their foreign language conversation skills

Who's the piggy in the middle?

Students from St Hilaire de Riez enjoy meeting a resident at the Dean Heritage Centre

How many French students can you fit

into a telephone box?