Coleford Twinning Association

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August 2019 Visit to St Hilaire de Riez

The group from Coleford being welcomed by their hosts in St Hilaire de Riez

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Members of the Coleford Petanque team along with CTA and EFB members were matched with some of St Hilaire's top petanque players. We came in second in most (if not all) of the matches!

The Friends of La Bourrine du Bois Juqaund put on two lovely receptions for the visitors from Coleford. They are keen to form a partnership with a similar heritage centre in ther Forest of Dean.  

Jane and Elizabeth both run reading and song sessions in their respective libraries in Coleford and St Hilaire de Riez. They have been exchanging songs and the children have been learning to sing them in a different language. The two libraries have also exchanged books, many of which have been passed on to local schools.

Many of the members of both twinning associations went on a day trip to Noirmoutier, an island to the north of St Hialire. The sun shone, although there was a strong breeze. We had a lovely picnic in the pine trees, with smoked bacon, cheese, melon and, of course, plenty of wine.

After lunch digestion was aided by a long walk along to rugged coastline. We found some lovely small sandy coves and some very large expensive hoses along to shore.


The island now has a bridge linking it with the mainland, however prior to 1970 the only access to the island was via a 4km causeway that is only available twice a day at low tide.