Coleford Twinning Association

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Coleford Twinning Association was formally established in July 2016, following a public meeting. A constitution was prepared and agreed by a Steering Group of members. Constitution can be downloaded by clicking here:


A Management Committee of members was chosen. The Management Committee will be confirmed at a full menbers meetign to be held in the Spring of 2017. The Management Committee are:


Iain Baird, Matthew Whittington, Janette McCutcheon, Evie McCutcheon, Stuart Cox, Steve Parry, Kathy Parry, Gemma Parry, Paul McMahon, Paul Kay.


Committee Officers were elected as:

President: Paul Kay (as Coleford Town Mayor)

Chair: Iain Baird

Deputy Chair: Matthew Whittington ( Coleford Town Council representative)

Secretary: Janette McCutcheon


It was decided that membership would be open to all and that no membership fee would apply. All finances and payments would be managed through a Coleford Town Council sub-account. Membership registration is yet to be arranged.


Committee members can be contacted through:



Coleford Town Council: