Coleford Twinning Association

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The two twinning associations are keen to involve as many members of the two communities as possible. This includes schools, youth clubs, sports clubs, music and arts groups, families and, of course, local businesses. If you want more information about the Coleford Twinning Association and the various events that are planend, then please have a look at the other pages on this website. If you would like to become a member of the association then please contact Marilyn Cox, secretary of the Coleford Twinning Association at:   or Paul Kay, chair, at

Another very successful visit to St Hilaire de Riez, by a group of Coleford Twinning Association members, has been completed. Nearly all the members were hosted by EFB families, which reduced the cost of the visit considerably, as well as helping to form some firm friendships. The visit was full of a variety of events, of which more information and photographs are available on a separate page within the Gallery section. All the visitors from Coleford were overwhelmed by the hospitality that we were given.


We hope to run another such visit in 2020, so please feel free to join the Coleford Twinning Association so that you can take advantage of the low-cost visits to the beaches of the Vendee that we can offer and you will have the opportunity to meet some very hospitable members of the Exchanges Franco Brittanic (EFB) group, our partner association in St Hilaire de Riez.


We also have a number of social and fund-raising events taking place, of which there is more information on the Events page.

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